Rockets on a Roll – Unreal Engine July 2015 Game Jam

I participated in Unreal Engine's July Game Jam. You get about 2-3 days to work on a game with a theme and this month's theme was Rocket and Roll (inspired by Rocket League). I didn't have much time but I wanted to participate so I took an existing project (TimeGlider) and worked with that. Had to tweak some stuff for the new version of the engine. Also a big difference with TimeGlider is that the track is actually looping whereas the track in TimeGlider has a beginning and an end. I used the same texture for the track but the cylinder mesh was made by Lin, a Game Creation & Producing student. She also made the rocket model. I added particles for the exhaust and also particles in front of the player to simulate high speed (conveniently named the particle system GottaGoFast). I used the new default player model that Unreal Engine provides in templates but with the new animation editing feature I created 2 poses for riding the rocket and I blend them with the speed of the player.

The same model and programming logic is used for the enemy rockets only the material is blue and the particles are blue as well. About every 2 seconds a blue rocket will be spawned randomly on the track with a forward or backward direction. So the longer you play the more rockets you have to avoid.

The whole game is made in Blueprint. Amazing way of making simple games


Unreal Engine July Game Jam 2015
Genre: Endless runner
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: Windows PC

Richard Nazarian