My name is Richard Nazarian. Gaming has been part of my life for a long time, but developing all started with Unreal Tournament. I used to make levels and mods for it using Unreal Editor. In general, I just like to entertain others with my own work.

I started studying Game Engineering at Saxion Enschede and I'm now in my third year. I learned ActionScript 3 in Flash, C# in Unity and C++ with a custom made engine. Also I used Unreal Engine 4 in one group project and it worked out great even though we didn't get any classes for that.

I also try to participate in every monthly Unreal Engine Game Jam and also the Global Game Jam.


The Torch (2nd year group project)

  • Genre: Adventure/Puzzle
  • Engine: Self made C++ OpenGL Engine
  • Platform: Windows PC

Time Glider (2nd year group project)

  • Genre: Obstacle/Racing
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Platform: Windows PC

Soulman's Mansion (1st year group project)

  • Genre: Scary/1v1 Online
  • Engine: Unity 4
  • Platform: Windows PC/Ma