Flow Race – Unreal Engine November 2016 Game Jam

The theme of the Game Jam is "Go with the flow".
This game is inspired by SpeedRunners. A sidescroller racing/parkour game with multiple different routes. The multiplayer setup part is done in C++ since I already finished my research and prototype that I made for school at that moment. The gameplay elements that require extra multiplayer work were done in Blueprint. Art was made by a former colleague. Level design was quickly made by me. One thing that came out of letting people play the game is that the wall jump ability lags in multiplayer if you have a medium to high ping. This is due to not letting UE4 approximate the move on the client.

Unreal Engine November Game Jam 2016
Genre: Multiplayer Race/Parkour
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: Windows PC

Richard Nazarian

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